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 We had to go to Aleppo to take exams. The day we arrived, I was very tired. At dawn, a bomb was found around the corner but I didn't hear anything because I was sleeping soundly. also some  Check this Even though it was very difficult, I totally focused on the books for a fortnight. I had the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho with me. As soon as I wanted to escape reality, I read it. In Syria, the system works like this: you don't pass a general exam. Each subject has a different exam date; for example mathematics one day, biology the next and history another day. Exams last 18 days. These are written exams, so you really need to focus. I was worried about the math exam but it was also my favorite. My office was near a broken window. There were pieces of glass everywhere. I told the invigilator who said, "I don't want to know, either you take the exam or you leave." I said okay. I took off my sweater, cleaned the table and then started writing. I got

Jobs in kuwait

  cleaning workers are required in an upscale café in salmiya, kuwait he is the person responsible for cleaning houses or anywhere as requested by the owner of the place in exchange for a sum of money, the main task of the cleaners is cleaning, and some specialize in cleaning certain places such as windows or doors and others, most cleaners do the work in the absence of the owners of the house or place, and does not require a certain age for the cleaner can be a young man or an old man, each of whom chooses what the money earns. to work as a cleaner, you need to know some of the tasks and responsibilities that are held in this job, including: performs the tasks required of him in his job. be responsible for cleaning the floors, walls and bathroom of the café. responsible for cleaning doors, glass and windows. cleanses and scents the café and bathroom. transports waste daily out. the café administrator reports on the maintenance the place needs. spraying pesticides to ensure that there

Best online jobs for 2022

 many of you will be surprised and say how we do it and how we get money or get a job and we just sit in our homes. check this   we'll get to know each other now. we will also learn about the best jobs to work online. audit function web developer job seller on amazon job as a mutual assistant data entry function independent writer's job audit function job if you are good at a language and know all its secrets and are familiar with all its spelling and grammar rules and have a great experience in this language you have already got a great job. you can work on sites to correct errors in articles, or you can work as a book and literary book and research auditor. many of us make a degree an excuse so as not to work and say how i work as an auditor and i do not hold a certificate in a particular language but i am good at it and very experienced i like to tell you something that working online requires only experience and skill and does not require any degree only your experience and

gg games

 I also wanted to thank you for having the good idea to mentor teens in their passion for video games. It's hard to get a teenager to express himself, but he was delighted with his experience. I noticed a great improvement in practice with my teenager and in his interactions with his gaming friends.   I took part in the 1st camp they did and I am not at all disappointed, even that I decided to pay myself another summer session! It is an experience to be tried. There are several coaches who work in different ways, but who will not hesitate to help you when needed, even if you are not in a coaching session.  I got my first console at the age of 6, Noël 96, it was Playstation 1. It was the beginning of my passion for Video Games. They followed me and accompanied me all my life. When I was in high school, my football coaches often said to former players: "He was lucky that he had football in his life, it allowed him to go to university, to CEGEP or to finish his diploma. secondary

Best Tips for Better Teamwork

  Have you ever noticed that some working groups work together effectively, while   Teamwork, if it is to be effective, is both simple and difficult to implement. No matter the team, individuals are part of the mix that makes it up, each bringing their own personal baggage, for good or for bad. As different as the people who make up a team may be and varied successes for the accomplishment of a new mission. The keys to successful teamwork Given the complexity of building a team – which also involves setting standards for interaction and team strategy – a team that works has absolutely remarkable power. That's why  is so important these days. What are  the keys to successful teamwork?  Here are 8 tips to  All team members understand the goals and are committed to achieving them.  This depends mainly on clear direction and the agreement of all on the mission and objective to be achieved. All team members must have a global mission, expectations must have been clearly communicated, a

ocean state job lot /ocean state job in world

 Ocean Decade Laboratory "A Clean Ocean". ocean state job lot  Let's set the goal for 2030! Ocean  The focus of the "Clean Ocean" of the Third Ocean Decade Laboratory is how to map the pollution status of the ocean, how to clean up pollution, and how to establish a sustainable way to achieve the goal of "clean ocean"-by 2030. ocean state job lot The "Clean Ocean" laboratory of the Third Ocean Decade provided participants with a source of inspiration for action. Co-host Jesse Huntley Ausubel, Director of the Human Environment Program at Rockefeller University, summarized this in his final speech on November 19. ocean state job lot /ocean state job in world "We have entered the United Nations Decade of the Oceans for about a year." He said: "Let us set goals and timetables now so that by 2030 we can make real progress in achieving clean oceans. Osubel mentioned that the integrated marine debris observation system and the establis


 Each trip has its own purpose. This article is for those who are looking for natural beauties in their travels. Every country is beautiful in its own way. In any of them there is something to see. For those who are looking for a country with the most beautiful nature, the World Economic Forum has formed a list of such countries. In total, the jury considered 136 countries. The evaluation criteria were: natural resources, historical values and economic situation. We will tell you about seven countries from the list of the best: 1. Indonesia Indonesia consists of more than 13.6 thousand islands. On its territory there are about 400 volcanoes, some of them are active. The flora and fauna of the country is so rich that it has not yet been fully studied. In addition, in Indonesia you can meet real dragons! 2. France We can talk endlessly about the beauties of France. It got into the list thanks to the numerous beautiful castles preserved on its territory. There are mountains, seas, and vin

Low Budget Hobbies to Keep You Quality In Your Free Time

 Many of us complain of density and timelessness. We don't have time to run around. We also experience a never-ending sense of dissatisfaction because we don't know how to use our time, albeit limited. Hobbies are one of the most effective ways to get rid of these problems. It's perfect for knowing what we want and doing fun things along the way, dealing with negative thoughts. 1. Collecting You can collect everything you can think of, from soda caps to keychains. Over time, you will better understand the spiritual value of this hobby, which you can realize without spending money. With the help of cheap binoculars or a telescope, what you can see in the sky can blow your mind. Since astronomy is an area that can be explored and learned through applications, you can spend a lot of time both at home and outside. 3. Taking photos Expensive machines are not needed to deal with photography. You can capture beautiful shots even with your phone's camera. Even analog machines t

5 Best hobbies for man and woman

Creative hobbies with many benefits of following - benefiting your career from there - improving mental and physical health - you'd think everyone would have it, wouldn't you? In fact, in one study, 88% of people brought joy to them by successfully completing the creative project. By incentive flow , helps you to structure your time and help you cope with stress, it is a great idea to start a new hobby almost nobody! As for the benefits of life, a creative hobby definitely beats watching Netflix or browsing social media. So what's keeping you away, a new exciting interest in your life of branching and exploring? Maybe you find the right hobby for you on the big question of feeling stuck? Well, don't worry anymore - we've put together our ultimate point, the list of hobbies that will fuel your curiosity and creative muscles . Use it to spend less time looking for a new activity and more time is busy with your new hobby! Top 6 Creative Hobbies First of all, they are a

The Best Video Game Surprises Of 2021

 I'm here with another card game guide. I discovered Slay the Spire through a review written by Doğukan, which he gave 4.5 out of 5. After two years and +100 hours of gameplay, I took it upon myself to write a Slay the Spire Act 4 Guide. First of all, if you don't know anything about this game yet, let's take you back in time and take you to Doğukan's review of Slay the Spire, which he wrote two years ago. Despite the passage of time, a review that maintains its validity with both the points it touches and the score it gives. The Best Video Game Surprises Of 2021 This post will be geared towards audiences like me who are starting to get a little more confused on Slay the Spire and aim to spend at least another 20 hours in this game thanks to the well-adjusted increasing difficulty levels. After the +100 hours I spent, I can easily say that the most successful feature of this game is the well-adjusted difficulty levels. Every time I escape the tower, the game generates n

Studio Europe selected the best in the world

 European Studio commentators  chose the 75 best football players of all time. At the top of the list are Maradona, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively. Brazilian Ronaldo, on the other hand, entered the list at the 7th the list of 75 players, there are 3 names who played in Turkey. Roberto Carlos, who plays for Fenerbahçe, is in the 20th place, Didier Drogba from Galatasaray is in the 26th and George Hagi is in the 61st place. Who is the best football player in the world? check this Football fans at every point in history love to discuss it. Newspapers, televisions, radios, and then internet sites cannot have a better sales, rating and hit opportunity than this. For the past 15 years, this deer has been walking past Messi and Ronaldo. Neymar and Mbappe were shown as rivals to the aging duo recently. In the past week, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has made a mess. The new candidate is Egyptian Mohammed Salah... Actually, this awesome left-hander is 29 years old. When he

The best electric car in the world is being recalled

The new Mercedes-Benz EQS has been available on the market for a few months now. The German model is one of the best electric cars in the world – and yet a major recall campaign is now starting. We have the details of the case. Up to 770 kilometers range thanks to one of the largest batteries that an electric car can carry, 523 hp and a so-called hyper screen, which extends over the entire valve. The Mercedes-Benz EQS is not only a Stromer with future technology, but also makes the German automotive industry appear in new splendor. Nevertheless, a warning call is now coming from the USA, which has resulted in a recall of the model. But how can this be with such a new device? RECALL OF THE MERCEDES-BENZ EQS Logically, there can only be one reason for this: security risks. And this is also the case with the EQS. The cause here is not faulty technology in the narrower sense, which are responsible for the driving ability of the car. Rather, the Mercedes-Benz EQS distracts with its modern m

The 5 Best Defensive Midfielders in the World 2021

he defensive midfield is a difficult position to define. There are grey areas and players that fit into both this category and another. But as part of the 90minseries "Welcome to World Class" we had to think about it... and have come to this conclusion. We have classified defensive midfielders as players who either primarily occupy a position that is in front of the defance  be it as anchors, destroyers or playmakers - or who primarily perform defensive tasks in their team. Top clubs often opt for high pressing, where the sixes need a combination of physical strength, intelligence and anticipation to stop the opposing attacks through the center. And then there's all the work they do with the ball – often they're the starting point of attacks and have the ability to play a pass that breaks through the opposing defensive line. And then there's the question of how to define world class? We've written enough about it, so you can read all about it here. But you sho

Best universities in the world 2022

 If you study at one of the best universities in the world, all career paths are open to you. Is a German university also among the top 10? During the Corona pandemic, even the best universities in the world are facing a major challenge: how do you manage to move world-class teaching from face-to-face teaching to distance learning? However, the best universities in the world still seem to be succeeding, even if some have lost prestige during the pandemic. The best universities in the world 2022  A total of 1662 universities from 99 countries and territories were analysed for the "Times Higher Education Ranking 2022". Here you can see at a glance which universities shine even under pandemic conditions: Place University Land 1 University of Oxford Great Britain 2 California Institute of Technology UNITED STATES 3 Harvard University UNITED STATES 4 Stanford University UNITED STATES 5 University of Cambridge Great Britain Massachusetts Institute of Technol

Here are the world's most admired people in 2021

 The Danes are generally very fond of their royal family. Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are top notch in study.  Peter Bergman   Barack Obama maintains his position as the world's most admired man after toppling Bill Gates (who had been on the throne since 2014) off the stick as the world's most admired man last year. Meanwhile, Barack Obama's wife Michelle Obama tops the list as the world's most admired woman for the third year in a row. In fact, the top-three for each gender has remained unchanged since last year, with businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates still second among men, followed by Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping, the analysis agency Yougov said in a press release. It's Yougov who is behind the annual survey, and again this year actress Angelina Jolie is the world's second most admired woman. Angelina Jolie is admired for her humanitarian efforts. British monarch Queen Elizabeth II is third. The survey is based

World's Best Bars 2021

  100 bars and 365 days, that should give exactly enough time for airport transfers and repairers, between each location! December is list time, and for world men and cocktail lovers, The World's 50 Best Bars is a list you look forward to in excitement: the list serves as an inspiration sheet, for places to visit on your travels if you want to experience a bar atmosphere with exceptional service, quality and atmosphere - and who doesn't really want to? This year's winner is London bar Connaught Bar, which grabs first place for the second year in a row, and while London holds first place for the European bars, Spain is extremely well represented, while our neighbours in Sweden are also well represented on the list, with Lucy's Flower Shop in 35th place, Tjoget in 40th place and A Bar Called Gemma in 78th place - all located in Stokholm - which could easily bring in an extraordinary pub crawl... The Worlds 50 Best Bars List is composed of voices from over 600 independent