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  hi   in this article i'm going to give you 21 quick and short answers to the most asked interview questions so if you have a job interview coming up soon and you don't have much time to prepare for it make sure you stay tuned because i'm going to help you to pass your interview and just very quickly if you are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button because i'm on a mission to help as many people aspossible to help pass their interviews i can only do that if you are subscribed and please make sure you give the video a like because that tells me you find these tutorials useful and it motivates me to create more for you okay let's jump straight into the presentation and start working through those 21 top interview questions and answers so for your convenience i have placed the timestamps to each interview as and when you want to so the first interview question is tell us opportunity today i have the skills and qualities needed to match

Attractive jobs in future

 Have you ever wondered where your place is in future jobs? First of all, please do not insist on staying in your current job. Just think of the fact that a quarter of the world's jobs are being automated. It may seem annoying, but it is unlikely that a robot will be hired in less than 5 years. but do not worry. According to job prospects, with the growth of technology, many jobs will be lost, but new jobs will replace them. We will be trained in the future for things that may seem unknown and strange to us today. So activate your imagination and travel with us to the future of jobs in Iran and the world: there is already an incredible amount of information in the internet world that may seem useless. but in the near future, each company will need a number of data detectives. data detective is an emerging future job that examines all this information. he will find the answer to all the mysteries of progress in trading with the hive in the data. a data detective does this by examini

The AJFP controls brought over 88 million more to the budget

  The AJFP controls brought over 88 million lei more to the budget The fiscal inspectors within the County Administration of Public Finances (AJFP) Galati carried out, during 2021, 855 fiscal controls and inspections. These ended with additional obligations established in the amount of 88.55 million lei, of which 82.97 million lei for legal persons taxpayers and 5.58 million lei for natural persons taxpayers. Out of the total established additional obligations, the contributions related to the incomes have the most important share, respectively, 46.94 percent (41.56 million lei), informs the institution from GalaĊ£i. Among the actions in which the control structures were involved were tax inspections on their own initiative, carried out on taxpayers, legal entities and individuals with a high tax risk. Other controls concerned the verification of the legality and conformity of tax returns, the correctness and accuracy of taxpayers' obligations, and the verification or determination,

Job worker threatened with machetes

 article on work the importance of work the work brings many benefits to individuals and society, including:[1] work increases an individual's practical experience and develops his or her understanding of the skills, qualities, and qualifications required for jobs. gives an individual the opportunity to experiment and increases his or her experience, qualifying him for a better job. improves communication skills, as gaining experience working with people greatly enhances their social skills. an individual's application for employment gives experience about the recruitmentprocess, such as how to prepare for job interviews and prepare a cv. jobs play an important role in economic development within the community. specifications of a successful employee a successful employee has many specifications, including:[2] gives others full attention: hiring coach leah mcleod believes that employers should make sure that their current and potential employees have listening skills, because t

Best online jobs for 2022

 many of you will be surprised and say how we do it and how we get money or get a job and we just sit in our homes. check this   we'll get to know each other now. we will also learn about the best jobs to work online. audit function web developer job seller on amazon job as a mutual assistant data entry function independent writer's job audit function job if you are good at a language and know all its secrets and are familiar with all its spelling and grammar rules and have a great experience in this language you have already got a great job. you can work on sites to correct errors in articles, or you can work as a book and literary book and research auditor. many of us make a degree an excuse so as not to work and say how i work as an auditor and i do not hold a certificate in a particular language but i am good at it and very experienced i like to tell you something that working online requires only experience and skill and does not require any degree only your experience and