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hi  in this article i'm going to give you 21 quick and short answers to the most asked interview questions so if you have a job interview coming up soon and

you don't have much time to prepare for it make sure you stay tuned because i'm going to help you to pass your interview and just very quickly if you are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button because i'm on a mission to help as many people aspossible to help pass their interviews i can only do that if you are subscribed and please make sure you give the video

a like because that tells me you find these tutorials useful and it motivates me to create more for you okay let's

jump straight into the presentation and start working through those 21 top interview questions and answers

so for your convenience i have placed the timestamps to each interview

as and when you want to so the first interview question is tell us opportunity today i have the skills and qualities needed to match the job description and to perform highly in the role i have experience of working with other people i'm someone who is always seeking to learn and develop and i have the  creativity to help your business grow whilst offering excellent service to your customers outside of work i keep myself fit and active i am a positive person who always embraces change and i will always take responsibility for my own professional development so that's a brilliant quick answer to the first question tell us about yourself interview question number two is why do and  i see my long-term career in this position i also want this job because having researched your company you are clearly innovative you support your employees in their work and you are always striving to move forward and

develop interview question number three of our top 21 quick answers to interview

questions how did you hear about this position here's a great answer i have held a keen interest in your company for several months now and i've been on the lookout interview question number four is what are your strengths now this  question is going to come up during your interview here's a great answer my strengths include my ability to learn things very quickly the fact that i am a people person which and the fact that i see change as a positive thing and it my biggest weakness is the fact that i don't yet have much experience in talking to large group people this is something i'm very keen to improve on so if any opportunities were to arise in this position to gain experience in this area i would certainly want to take advantage of that that's a eat answer to that question what's your biggest weakness interview question number six is how would you deal with conflict with a co-worker here's a quick answer to help you i would deal with the conflict by seeing if i was doing anything to contribute to the conflict before speaking to my co-worker in private to find an amicable way forward that we were both comfortable with i would always put the needs of my team first and try to overcome the conflict so we could quickly move forward that's a great answer a professional answer to that question how would you deal with conflict with a co-worker question number seven of our 21 quick answers to common interview questions is where do you see yourself in five years here we go i see myself hopefully working for your company either in the same role or having gained advancement to a higher level in five years i would have also developed significantly and be seen as a trusted reliable and productive member of the company interview question number eight what's your ideal work environment this is a tricky one but here's a great quick answer to help you my ideal work environment is positive is one where everyone in the team seeks to continually grow and improve and where i would get to use my creative side to help the business grow and develop  a cracking answer to that

interview question what's your ideal work environment question number nine is one that definitely going to come up during your job interview what experience do you have relevant to

and i also have experience of solving problems  and completing time-sensitive tasks under pressure that's another great answer interview question number 10 is how would other people describe you here's a great answer my friends and previous co-workers have often described me as someone who is driven enthusiastic

and upbeat i believe they would also describe me as someone they could turn to whenever they needed assistance someone they could rely on to help them out at short interview question number 11 is a really difficult one and that is describe yourself in three words here's a great answer i would describe myself as productive commercially aware and good things for the business i am commercially aware which means i understand the importance of always doing a good job on time to help the business thrive and i'm also self-motivated which means i will take it upon myself to quickly and diligently work through all tasks and duties to help the team achieve its objectives interview question number 12 what's been your greatest achievement here we go my greatest achievement was in my previous role where i helped the company increase sales this was achieved by improving customer service standards and by thinking of different ways to help the business market its products via social media that's a great answer interview question number 13 to you what are your hobbies and interests here's a quick answer outside work i like to keep myself fit and active and i visit the gym a few times helps to boost my concentration levels whilst i am at work i am also a family  person and i often spend time at weekends with those closest to me finally i like to read self-development

books and i always have a good book on the go at any one time that's a great answer a smart answer to that interview  question what do you do outside of work interview question number 14 of our 21  quick answers to interview questions is  what can you do for us that other

candidates can't now you need to answer this question carefully here's a great quick answer i can bring a diverse set of skills qualities and experience to the team that i believe will help your

business grow i am a strong communicator l always try to solve problems without troubling my manager i will always take care of your customers which in turn will increase sales i can also

interview question number 15 is why do you want to work for us here we go i want to work for your company because you are socially responsible you have a

strong set of workplace values that align with my own ambitions and aspirations and you have a brilliant track record of achievement if i am successful i can genuinely see myself working for your company for many years to come interview question number 16 is how would you deal with a difficult customer here's a great answer i would listen to the customer i would ask them questions to establish their needs and i would try to establish a connection with them at

all times i would be professional and i would try to find a solution to their problem quickly and calmly it would be my goal to keep the customer with the company that's a great answer that shows you are a smart employee interview question number 17 is a really difficult one and that is tell me about a time when you failed here's a really smart answer to help you pass your

interview in my last job i was working as part of a team that failed to finish a project on time now we simply failed because we had not listened to the brief fully at the start of the project and

things got missed as soon as we realized we had made a mistake we informed our manager we apologized and we discussed what we had learned from the experience to make sure it never happened againthat's a smart answer because it shows the interviewer that you are honest and more importantly you take responsibility for your mistakes and your failures interview question number 18 is why do you want to leave your current job now you need to give a really short answer to this question here it is i want to leave my job because i'm seeking a fresh

challenge with an exciting and innovative company such as yours that has ambitious plans for the future that's a great answer interview question number 19 is again definitely going to

candidate in your response so here's a quick short answer that's going to help you to pass your interview i believe you should hire me because i am a very faster learner and i

need little supervision moving forward i also believe you should hire me because i will represent your business positively and i will treat your customers well i will also ensure i find  that to help the business grow whilst also helping you to save money by using resources in a frugal and responsible manner that is a cracking answer to that question why should we hire you to interview question number 20 what did you dislike about your previous job this is a tough one here we go there was only i felt we could have achieved so much more as a company there were lots

interview question number 21 

 do you have any questions for us so at the end of the interview they will say that to you here's a quick answer thank you yes i have just three questions to ask please question number one what

would you need me to concentrate on in the first 30 days of starting question number two what are the plans for the company over the next five years and

finally question number three how has the position evolved over the years so

there's three smart questions to ask at the end of your interview

now if you would like to download all of these quick short answers to common interview questions click that link right now in the top right hand corner of the video head through to my website pass my interview dot com and you can download my 21 short and quick answers to common interview questions you can literally have this resource in your inbox within two minutes from now so make sure you check out that link also don't forget to subscribe to the channel it's really important because i want to help you throughout your.


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