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popular immigration methods for developed countries

 Immigration, including immigration, which is one of the most popular immigration methods, especially among the younger people, has become very competitive due to the high demands and saturation, especially by developing countries such as iran, which does not mean that this competitive aspect is not impossible at all. on the other hand, despite the high demands and saturation, some countries have not only imposed restrictions on admissions among international students such as canada or australia, and especially canada, but also, according to immigrant admission policies to improve the economy and strengthen the labor market, as well as compensate for the shortage of labor or special expertise required in them, obtaining admissions than ever before. it has made it more and more comfortable for international students. of course, due to this need for special expertise, labor shortages or strengthening the economy and labor market that even the most advanced countries in the world have needs and demands in these areas, so for other popular countries for immigration such as germany, britain, america, etc. despite the much higher competitive aspect because of this, the applicant with some good qualifications can also migrate to those countries and it can even be said that with a little guidance from experts in the field of academic migration and measuring his skills and making the right decisions in many cases, it is very easy to do so. so stay with us in this article to talk fully about academic immigration and also discuss some of the popular countries for academic immigration and to mention the conditions of each one so that you can be more comfortable choosing this path.
immigration during the corona era
the coronavirus outbreak affected different aspects of people's lives and brought about major changes in human lifestyles. one of the most important consequences of this trend was travel restrictions that suspended the issuance of visa types for countries. one of the groups hit by such a situation was immigrants, especially international students. with the closure of borders and the non-issuance of student visas, the students' curriculum also changed. some countries, such as canada, have made it possible for students to study online so as not to harm their education. in october and november, in compliance with health protocols, countries' borders were reopened and international students were allowed to travel to the destination country. with the beginning of 2021 and the onset of vaccinations in many countries around the world, there is a positive prospect for improving the situation. currently, study visas are being re-issued and students must be in mandatory quarantine for two weeks after arriving in the country of destination. also, universities in many regions of the world continue to be suspended and education continues online. by mid-2021 and the widespread distribution of the coronavirus vaccine globally, precautions appear to be on the agenda at the highest possible level.

what are the advantages of study immigration?
1. higher education

higher education is one of the most important reasons why people are moving to study, and generally younger people pursue education abroad in a field that is not available in their home country or universities abroad offer more advanced or more prestigious degrees than their own. at any time you continue studying abroad (countries such as australia and canada), you will be etified to renew your stay indefinitely. immigration enables you to improve your language skills, experience living in a new environment, and become familiar with different climates and cultures, in addition to obtaining an international and prestigious degree.

2. job position

you will be able to work part-time in some countries by obtaining a study visa and a licence (a permit delivered to the person at the airport of the country of destination with a study visa). in canada, for example, a student can do 20 hours a week (usually on saturdays and sundays) under the title of student work. on the other hand, students can enter the job market directly and without concern by choosing college instead of university after completing the course.

3. increase the quality of life

from birth to the end of life, human beings seek to discover better and new experiences so that they can improve their life process and be useful for themselves, their families and society, so moving to a modern and advanced country makes one experience a higher level of quality of life and enjoy the possibilities of society.

what are the disadvantages of study immigration?
1. staying away from family and emotional issues

iranians are more dependent on family than any other society, and in immigration issues, staying away from family is one of the issues that can be a concern for immigration. but in order to have a better future and achieve its goals, it will be easier to tolerate this, and academic immigration can lead to family development in the future. of course, keep in mind that a person can return to their home country during holidays.

2. pay tuition fees:

the cost of living and studying in advanced countries and international communities such as america, canada, australia, etc. compared to other countries, the question is, how should the person cover these costs?

(a) sponsoring: having a sponsor may contribute significantly to the comfort of the student.

b- scholarships (grants from the destination university): depending on the individual's strong resume and the type of field and university or college of choice, it is possible for you to receive funds or amounts from the university for grants.

c- student work: in some countries, such as canada, students are allowed to work part-time per week, which is a role for students to cover their living expenses.


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