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Attractive jobs in future

 Have you ever wondered where your place is in future jobs? First of all, please do not insist on staying in your current job. Just think of the fact that a quarter of the world's jobs are being automated. It may seem annoying, but it is unlikely that a robot will be hired in less than 5 years. but do not worry. According to job prospects, with the growth of technology, many jobs will be lost, but new jobs will replace them. We will be trained in the future for things that may seem unknown and strange to us today. So activate your imagination and travel with us to the future of jobs in Iran and the world:
there is already an incredible amount of information in the internet world that may seem useless. but in the near future, each company will need a number of data detectives. data detective is an emerging future job that examines all this information. he will find the answer to all the mysteries of progress in trading with the hive in the data. a data detective does this by examining data generated by the internet of things, devices, sensors, biometric monitors and traditional computing infrastructure. of course, it's not so strange to imagine this job in the future. many businesses now spend time and money buying people's information so they can sell them products. by choosing this attractive future job, you make people live their dreams.

what exactly are data detectives doing?

detects and reviews datasets from multiple sources
discover new sources of data
combines data sets from multiple data sources
compare and analyze data
present their findings to the company.
as one of the future jobs, the data detective has a data-driven insight. using this insight, he tells businesses and organizations what people like and how companies should make progress using people's dreams.

2. ethics is the first word in the future
you might think it's a visionary conception of an aspirational world. but the world's best future businesses lead their business based on ethical principles. profitability is not the main goal of future jobs. if a company decides to go ahead with its business on an ethical basis, it needs a behavior control officer. these people are responsible for patrolling and controlling the workplace. they must ensure that each stage of the process complies with the decision made by shareholders in relation to maintaining integrity and integrity.

3. selling artificial intelligence, one of the strangest jobs of the future
has the title of ai business development manager ever been eaten? although the title of the position may look beautiful, the work itself is not the case. in fact, there is only one thing that ai is unable to do: sell itself!
artificial intelligence, just as it destroys many jobs, will lead to many future jobs. ai's business development manager is actually a marketer for the sale of artificial intelligence. because selling artificial intelligence in a commercial service requires manpower efforts.

4. in the future, you will be paid to walk and talk
the world's population is aging. the number of elderly people in all countries has been increasing. let's take a look at the data from the population survey: by 2050, one in six will be over the age of 65. this means that 16 percent of the world's population is old people. because thanks to technology, human longevity has increased, in the near future walking and having conversations with the elderly will become a professional job. if you enjoy listening and interacting with your kind, this job position is one of the best jobs of the future for you.

5. you may be an ai assistant!

artificial intelligence is expanding astonishingly. the explosion of technology will have a significant impact on society and the economy. the healthcare field is also not safe from this change. These researches lead to the creation of a job called an artificial intelligence technician. a task like today's nurses, except that their supervisor will be artificial intelligence and they actually work as ai assistants.maybe if you're a nurse, you think your future job is funded. but it has to be said that this is a big difference with nursing. you need to become familiar with and master the technology of remote patient care, diagnosis and treatment. it may be a little strange, but in the near future, with the help of artificial intelligence, even surgery can be done remotely. in general, the role of artificial intelligence in businesses is very pronounced.
future cities need cyber analysts.

Future cities are smart. The main goal of building smart cities is to improve human life through technology. you may think this vision is far from yours, but it should be said that this is the common future of the whole world. by 2050, 65 percent of the world's population will live in cities, according to the united nations. the cost of smart cities is estimated at nearly $80 billion in 2016, and according to a report from data international, it is projected to reach $135 billion by 2021.
As the number of smart cities increases, the cyber analyst becomes one of the top jobs of the future. cyber cities analysts are looking at further technology growth and exploring its impact on society. just like today's electricians who control urban electricity infrastructure. data collected from millions of sensors across such a city should be controlled and sensors should also continue to function properly. this is where the cyber city analyst comes in as one of the most widely used jobs of the future.

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