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Top developed countries give nationality to overseas

  Top countries give nationality to overseas There is a significant increase in the number of people with international citizenship. It increases from roughly 3 million registered individuals in 2004 to 25.6 million by 2016. This indicates that there are more foreign nationals living in the US than at any other point in history. Since 2000, the amount of non-U.S citizens as well as ‘foreign’ (regardless of purpose or context) persons with national residence has increased as well: In 1999, there were approximately 9.4 million foreign individuals in the United States – this was an increase from 6 million in 1990 and 15.7 million in 1979. By 2020, the total is expected to be nearly 21 million – approximately 75% from Asia, the remainder from Latin America, Africa. And so the rise in diversity of the population is a big issue for most Americans, especially after these figures. It’s important to know that the rate of birth to foreigners in the U.S. has been declining since 2009. In 2015, it

Study immigration for students in developed countries

 immigration to singapore YOU MAY FIND IT STRANGE TO KNOW THAT THE SMALL COUNTRY OF SINGAPORE, LOCATED IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, IS ONE OF THE BEST IMMIGRATION DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLD! IN FACT, THE COUNTRY HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE WORLD LEADERS IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND INNOVATION OVER THE PAST FEW DECADES. CURRENTLY, THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN ASIA IS THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE, WHICH IS RANKED 11TH IN THE WORLD AND NANYANG UNIVERSITY HAS ALSO WON THE 13TH PLACE IN THE QS RANKING SYSTEM. IN ADDITION, SINGAPORE IS ALSO RANKED IN THE TOP 20 STUDENT-FRIENDLY CITIES IN THE WORLD. studying in singapore has many advantages such as cultural diversity, prosperity and economic stability, outstanding educational system and high quality of life. the country has a total of 34 universities that accept students in a wide range of fields of study. one of the most important strengths of studying in singapore is its advanced scientific and research facilities that compete well

popular immigration methods for developed countries

 Immigration, including immigration, which is one of the most popular immigration methods, especially among the younger people, has become very competitive due to the high demands and saturation, especially by developing countries such as iran, which does not mean that this competitive aspect is not impossible at all. on the other hand, despite the high demands and saturation, some countries have not only imposed restrictions on admissions among international students such as canada or australia, and especially canada, but also, according to immigrant admission policies to improve the economy and strengthen the labor market, as well as compensate for the shortage of labor or special expertise required in them, obtaining admissions than ever before. it has made it more and more comfortable for international students. of course, due to this need for special expertise, labor shortages or strengthening the economy and labor market that even the most advanced countries in the world have nee

Attractive jobs in future

 Have you ever wondered where your place is in future jobs? First of all, please do not insist on staying in your current job. Just think of the fact that a quarter of the world's jobs are being automated. It may seem annoying, but it is unlikely that a robot will be hired in less than 5 years. but do not worry. According to job prospects, with the growth of technology, many jobs will be lost, but new jobs will replace them. We will be trained in the future for things that may seem unknown and strange to us today. So activate your imagination and travel with us to the future of jobs in Iran and the world: there is already an incredible amount of information in the internet world that may seem useless. but in the near future, each company will need a number of data detectives. data detective is an emerging future job that examines all this information. he will find the answer to all the mysteries of progress in trading with the hive in the data. a data detective does this by examini