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Job worker threatened with machetes

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the importance of work the work brings many benefits to individuals and society, including:[1] work increases an individual's practical experience and develops his or her understanding of the skills, qualities, and qualifications required for jobs. gives an individual the opportunity to experiment and increases his or her experience, qualifying him for a better job. improves communication skills, as gaining experience working with people greatly enhances their social skills. an individual's application for employment gives experience about the recruitmentprocess, such as how to prepare for job interviews and prepare a cv. jobs play an important role in economic development within the community. specifications of a successful employee a successful employee has many specifications, including:[2] gives others full attention: hiring coach leah mcleod believes that employers should make sure that their current and potential employees have listening skills, because this is linked to knowing their future ability to drive, and their ideas, opinions and appreciation must be taken care of, supporting and motivating their activity. professional: a successful employee is keen to be professional and accurate in his work, and is not busy exchanging gossip during the hours. time-bound: he makes sure to be early in business meetings, doesn't leave himself for the last moments and has to sit away. he thinks as an administrator: a successful employee thinks like a manager, not an employee who works for the company, he doesn't wait for what he's told, he's thinking about a strategy that enables him to know what to do to get his job done to the fullest. avoids comparing himself to others: a distinguished employee in his work focuses on what he can accomplish, is not busy thinking about what others have accomplished, and does not compare himself to them. listens to notes: he takes any notes he is given to improve his work, takes them seriously and never thinks of them as personal criticism. offers solutions: it can provide effective solutions, and it is not enough to pose problems like others. he learns constantly: he is keen to develop his work skills by constantly learning and participating in various conferences and seminars. how to develop work ethics work ethics can be developed by following the following tips:[3] taking work seriously: this does not mean working all the time, but it means committing to work during working hours, so that work-related tasks must be the main concern, sources of dispersion must be avoided, and certain working hours must be set.

How To Write An Article In Functional Expression

How To Write An Article In Functional Expression

how to write the article in the functional expression that the question of job expression is one of the most important questions of any exam for the subject of arabic and the importance of job expression is not only a question in the exam but it is of great importance for students it is a training for them to form views on the issues raised about them and express what they formed it from opinions, it is a great opportunity to make the student have the ability to express himself and make him raise intellectual questions, ideas and solutions to address certain topics, which contributes to building the personality of the student and weighs his confidence in himself and make him realize the concept of freedom of opinion and expression as one of the basic concepts from a young age, but there are basic elements and steps to write expression, and the way to write functional expression varies according to its type, as the functional expression has different forms and varied, including telegram, message, banner, summary, invitation card, declaration, report and article. our topic today will be about how to write the article in the best possible way and we will address all the elements of the good article in detail

and writing the article in the question of job expression either in the exam or in the classroom is not difficult at all but needs to have certain skills and specifications in the student such as critical reading and the ability to criticize things and address them positively, that the student has something of a general culture and familiar with the various issues raised in the society around him so that he can express them simply, and needs a creative student capable of inventing solutions non-imitated for traditional solutions that have already been addressed before. he must also be sufficiently familiar with all the elements and contents of the article, and this is precisely what we will address in this subject, where we will simply present to you the types of articles, their objectives, the contents of each article and the errors that students usually make while writing the article. read also: diverse and distinctive expression topics how to write an expression introduction and conclusion to the exam with ease the concept of a job expression article the article is a topic that discusses some intellectual issues in a prose way that does not adhere to any weight or rhyme, since what is the basis of the article is to raise an issue and try to address it in a simple and smooth way and convince the reader of what is included in the article or at least encourage the reader and provoke his mind to look around the content of the article and what was put forward through it and therefore both parties are beneficiaries. the first party, the author of the article, which is expressed by the student in the case of job expression

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