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The best places to visit in the world's 5 most happiness countries

The World Happiness Report, a measure of happiness published by the UN Sustainable Development Network and which ranks the happiest countries around the world, offers an interesting list of possible destinations for travelers who want to experience first-hand countries where residents are said to be the most content. Taking a step further, here's a look at some of the best places to visit within these blissful nations.


 The island of Funen, also near Copenhagen, was Hans Christian Andersen's birthplace and has colorful public gardens, castles and manor houses. If you want to experience one of the happiest cities on earth, in the happiest country you must go to Aarhus, set along the coast next to fjords and forests, as well as Viking sight stones. The old town shows traditional Danish architecture from 16th to 19th century. To really capture what it's like to live in Denmark, you can eat in a Danish home through "Eat with the Danes", which matches tourists with Danish families all over the country for a home-cooked meal. most happiness countries


After Denmark second on the list, Norway has a lot to offer holidaymakers, with the capital Oslo a delight for food enthusiasts as home to a number of Michelin-starred restaurants. one of the best places on earth to do just that most happiness countries


Switzerland sits in the heart of the Alps, which means you'll find magnificent scenery right everywhere you go. Ski enthusiasts may want to head to the town of Zermatt with its 200 miles of near-perfect slopes. In summer, it is a must for hikers to take a trip to the famous Matterhorn.. Lucerne offers something for everyone, with an exciting city life alongside a picturesque lake and soaring mountains, while Bern is ideal for history buffers like a picturesque medieval town with a history dating back to the 12th century, as well as to house the famous old clock tower with moving dolls and a Gothic cathedral rising from the old town. most happiness countries


The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, attracts many visitors with its charming canals, cheerful flower markets, bike-loving locals, Anne Frank House and world-class museums like Rijksmuseam, but there are many other sights in this country filled with magnificent fields of colorful flowers and classic windmills.  The Hague, often referred to as the "Royal City by the Sea" with its excellent contemporary art exhibitions at the Gemeente museum Den Haag and the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis. A bike ride through the nation's thriving region also provides a fun and active, unforgettable excursion. most happiness countries


Sweden is usually missed by those who venture through Southern or Eastern Europe, but this country, which has given the world the little Swedish meatballs as well as the Nobel Peace Prize, has a stunning landscape, fantastic cities as well as a long, rich history and culture. In northern Sweden you will find dense green forests and pastoral landscapes, while the southern region is filled with tiny red island huts scattered across the Stockholm archipelago. In the capital Stockholm, Gamla Stan is one of the largest and best preserved medieval urban centers in Europe, and it is also home to the Royal National City Park, the first urban national park in the world. In Kosterhavet Marine National Park, centered around the car-free Koster Islands, you can rent bikes and enjoy a guided tour or take a boat ride to see this marine wonderland with its beaches, rocky islands and picturesque "Koster Light."

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