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 I also wanted to thank you for having the good idea to mentor teens in their passion for video games. It's hard to get a teenager to express himself, but he was delighted with his experience. I noticed a great improvement in practice with my teenager and in his interactions with his gaming friends. 

 I took part in the 1st camp they did and I am not at all disappointed, even that I decided to pay myself another summer session! It is an experience to be tried. There are several coaches who work in different ways, but who will not hesitate to help you when needed, even if you are not in a coaching session. 

I got my first console at the age of 6, Noël 96, it was Playstation 1. It was the beginning of my passion for Video Games. They followed me and accompanied me all my life. When I was in high school, my football coaches often said to former players: "He was lucky that he had football in his life, it allowed him to go to university, to CEGEP or to finish his diploma. secondary. Well, I want to offer this same opportunity to young people, but with video games as the engine of success. I made it my mission to offer young people this opportunity, an opportunity that I could not have had when I was in school

Your commitment is my commitment. My team and I support you in a rigorous personal development and coaching program allowing you to take your game to another level.

Because video games are a passion that should have the same value as all the others. We are there for him to flourish, supervised by young people and coaches passionate about the same game as him and who can guide him towards possible outlets related to his playing skills: leadership, communication, attitude, responsiveness, etc. .

Would you send your youngster to play hockey or football without their equipment and supervision? Probably not. Why do you enroll your young people in a sports team?

The Gamer Mentor program aims to guide your young people in their practice of video games to instill in them healthy lifestyle and gaming habits.


Each young person is responsible for their future in the program. He knows he has expectations of us and his parents. We require that each participant maintain an academic average according to the requirements of his parents. Each participant must show up on time for the practices and for the tournaments: he has a team that counts on him. He will also have 3 goals to set and follow throughout the program. We rely on his autonomy and discipline to make the necessary efforts for his continuity in the program.

Video games as a driver of success.

Our program is mainly focused on balanced play and healthy lifestyles . We want to show young enthusiasts that they must achieve a healthy balance of life if they want to become a champion in their video game.

Along with the parents of these young people, The Gamer Mentor offers to make their passion a motivator and a driver of success for their personal and professional projects