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Best universities in the world 2022

 If you study at one of the best universities in the world, all career paths are open to you. Is a German university also among the top 10?

During the Corona pandemic, even the best universities in the world are facing a major challenge: how do you manage to move world-class teaching from face-to-face teaching to distance learning? However, the best universities in the world still seem to be succeeding, even if some have lost prestige during the pandemic.

The best universities in the world 2022

 A total of 1662 universities from 99 countries and territories were analysed for the "Times Higher Education Ranking 2022". Here you can see at a glance which universities shine even under pandemic conditions:

Place University Land

1 University of Oxford Great Britain

2 California Institute of Technology UNITED STATES

3 Harvard University UNITED STATES

4 Stanford University UNITED STATES

5 University of Cambridge Great Britain

Massachusetts Institute of Technology UNITED STATES

7 Princeton University UNITED STATES

8 University of California, Berkeley UNITED STATES

9 Yale University UNITED STATES

10 University of Chicago UNITED STATES

Source: Times Higher Education, as of 2022

The best universities in the world are mainly found in America: eight universities in the top 10 come from the USA, including such renowned names as Harvard (3rd place) or Stanford (4th place) or Princeton (7th place). However, the frontrunner comes from the UK: for the sixth time in a row, Oxford University occupies 1st place in the ranking. The traditional university stood out among other things for its high proportion of foreign students: 42 percent of its students came from abroad. No other university manages that much from the top 10.

Best university in Germany lands in 32nd place in the ranking

In contrast, German universities perform significantly worse in the 2022 ranking. But some at least make it into the top 50. For example, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit├Ąt in Munich ranks 32nd asthe best German university, followed by the Technical University (TU) Munich in 38th place and the University of Heidelberg in 42nd place.

This is how the best universities are determined

For the ranking of the best universities in the world, four areas were examined on the basis of 13 indicators: teaching (such as the ratio of students to teachers), research (revenue, volume), reputation (such as the number of cited articles) and international orientation (e.g. proportion of foreign students). 30 percent of the teaching was included in the final result.

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