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Your SCP Foundation Dream Job!

  It’s Tough job market . It feels like everyone is either being laid off, furloughed, stuck in a dead-end position at a job with no prospects of career advancement, or working multiple jobs just to meet the bills every month, as you’re slowly driven into the ground. If only somewhere new was hiring. Somewhere exciting. Somewhere where every day is an adventure and you never truly know what you can expect. Well, lucky for you, there is such a place. It’s the SCP Foundation, and after a recent high-casualty SCP-682 breach, they have plenty of new positions open for go-getters just like you! That’s why we put out a post on our community page asking for the job at the SCP Foundation you think you’d be best at, and your reasons for why. And today, we’re going to evaluate your answers, and see who’s up to the task! Let’s go. Javier Gomez de Lara Santos said, “I don't know if it counts, but being on the part of relocating safe SCP that are "rehabilitate